Topic targeting in Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor 1.8 supports the latest updates to audience targeting. Previous versions of Google Ads Editor will not support the new targeting methods. To avoid errors when downloading, viewing, and assigning your audiences, it's recommended to upgrade to Google Ads Editor 1.8.

With topic targeting in Google Ads, you can show your ad on multiple related pages by adding a single topic target to your campaign. For example, show your ad on multiple sports webpages by adding a "Sports" topic target to your campaign.

To add topics in Google Ads Editor, go to Placements. Topics should follow this general format:


The table below shows an explanation of the formula.

For this part of the formula... Use... Notes
Prefix One of the following: topic, category, docvertical Capitalization doesn't matter. For example, you can use TOPIC or topic with the same result.
Separator : Use one or more colons, with or without spaces.
ID Numeric topic code, such as 3 See a list of topic codes.
Target The targeted topic, such as Arts & Entertainment If the topic path has more than one part, use an angle bracket to separate them, such as: Arts & Entertainment > Movies

For example, enter the following topic to target webpages related to movies:

Topic:34:Arts & Entertainment > Movies

If you changed the prefix and separators, you would get the same result:

Topic::34::Arts & Entertainment > Movies
CATEGORY:34:Arts & Entertainment > Movies
docvertical :: 34 :: Arts & Entertainment > Movies

You can omit either the ID or the target, but not both. Each of the following examples results in the same targeting as the example above.

Topic:Arts & Entertainment > Movies

If there's a conflict between the ID and the target, Google Ads Editor ignores the target. In the following example, you'd still add the Movies topic:

Topic:34:nonsense topic

To learn how to add placements (including topic targets) in Google Ads Editor, visit the following articles:

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