Topic targeting in Google Ads Editor

With topic targeting in Google Ads, you can show your ad on multiple related pages by adding a single topic target to your campaign. For example, show your ad on multiple sports webpages by adding a "Sports" topic target to your campaign.

To add topics in Google Ads Editor, go to Placements. Topics should follow this general format:


The table below shows an explanation of the formula.

For this part of the formula... Use... Notes
Prefix One of the following: topic, category, docvertical Capitalization doesn't matter. For example, you can use TOPIC or topic with the same result.
Separator : Use one or more colons, with or without spaces.
ID Numeric topic code, such as 3 See a list of topic codes.
Target The targeted topic, such as Arts & Entertainment If the topic path has more than one part, use an angle bracket to separate them, such as: Arts & Entertainment > Movies

For example, enter the following topic to target webpages related to movies:

Topic:34:Arts & Entertainment > Movies

If you changed the prefix and separators, you would get the same result:

Topic::34::Arts & Entertainment > Movies
CATEGORY:34:Arts & Entertainment > Movies
docvertical :: 34 :: Arts & Entertainment > Movies

You can omit either the ID or the target, but not both. Each of the following examples results in the same targeting as the example above.

Topic:Arts & Entertainment > Movies

If there's a conflict between the ID and the target, Google Ads Editor ignores the target. In the following example, you'd still add the Movies topic:

Topic:34:nonsense topic

To learn how to add placements (including topic targets) in Google Ads Editor, visit the following articles:

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