Campaign experiments in Google Ads Editor

You can manage Google Ads campaign experiments in Google Ads Editor in the following ways:

  • Download existing Google Ads campaign experiments.
  • Apply and edit an experiment status (control only, experiment only, control and experiment) at the ad group, ad, or keyword level.
  • Apply and edit the following ad group-level bid multipliers: default maximum CPC, Display Network maximum CPC, or maximum CPM.
  • Apply and edit keyword-level maximum CPC bid multipliers.
  • Import and export experiment status and bid multipliers.

To create, pause, or remove an experiment, or to display segmented control and experiment statistics, please sign in to Google Ads at

Here are a few notes about managing campaign experiments in Google Ads Editor:

  • Bid multipliers must match the campaign's bid strategy. For example, a CPC campaign can only have CPC bid multipliers, not CPM multipliers.
  • Although Google Ads Editor enables you to edit bid strategies for most campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, it isn't possible to edit bid strategies in campaigns with experiments.
  • If you copy or export items from campaigns with experiments and paste those items into a non-experimental campaign or a campaign with a different bid strategy, the bid multipliers are removed, along with the experiment status values, e.g. Control only and Experiment only.

In the Google Ads Help Center, you can learn more about campaign experiments, including how to set up an experiment.

Edit experimental bids

To add or edit experimental bids for ad groups and keywords in Google Ads Editor, follow these steps:

  1. Select Ad groups or Keywords.
  2. In the data view, select the ad groups or keywords to edit. To find specific ad groups or keywords across your account, use the View menu or advanced search.
  3. Expand the Experimental bid panel below the data view.
  4. In the Experimental bid panel, edit the bids and bid multipliers for the selected ad groups or keywords.
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