Google Ads Editor version 2.1

Learn more about new features and updates in the July 2022 release for Google Ads Editor version 2.1. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor

New features

Table header recommendations

Editor now shows a list of recommendations applicable to the currently viewed item type in the toolbar above the main table, so that these recommendations are featured even more prominently.

Primary Display Status

The Primary Display Status (PDS) shows more information for campaigns. For example, it now includes reasons why a campaign may not be serving.

Overview recommendation cards

New overview cards are now available for:

  • Top recommendations
  • Asset performance
  • Asset group status


Added support has been added for more recommendation types, including:

  • Set a target ROAS to capture upcoming traffic increases
  • Set a target CPA
  • Upgrade your Local campaigns to Performance Max
  • Use Display Expansion

Warning dialogue for cross-account copy and paste

Editor supports copying items in one account and then pasting them into another. However, it can’t duplicate certain information tied to a particular account. When the copied items contain references to account-specific data and you paste these into another account, Editor will drop that data and the resulting copy will be incomplete.

Editor now shows a detailed warning listing all data types that would be dropped when the user initiates a cross-account paste operation.

Validate aligned budget or bid strategy

To prevent the deletion of an aligned shared budget, Editor now shows an error when a campaign is using a shared budget but not its associated portfolio bid strategy, or vice versa.

In the budget editing dialog, Editor now shows the name of the associated strategy when an aligned budget is chosen. In the bidding dialog, it now shows the name of the associated budget when an aligned strategy is chosen.

Video-Drive conversions campaigns with shopping

Editor now supports the shopping setting (Product Feed) and product groups for “Video-Drive conversions” campaigns.

Final URL expansion

Added support for "Final URL expansion" setting in Performance Max campaigns.

Initial view on start-up

Editor now allows you to specify one of the following views when a new window opens:

  • Overview
  • Campaigns
  • The view shown when Editor was previously closed

Global offers

In the shopping settings for Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, you can now choose to:

  • Make the country of sale optional (you can allow it to be empty or be cleared if it’s not empty)
  • Include support for an optional feed label

Lead form: custom questions, age question

  • In lead form assets, Editor now supports custom (free-form text) questions, rather than limiting to a predefined set of questions.
  • Editor now allows any age between 18 and 65 for the "Are you over X years of age?" question. Previously, this was limited to 3 options: 18, 21, and 25.

Lead form assets at account level

Editor now allows attaching lead form assets at the account level, and disabling them at the campaign level. Previously, they could only be attached at the campaign level.

Budget Explorer

Editor now provides 3 possible budgets when making suggestions in the edit pane, including potential stats improvements. If a campaign or shared budget has a budget-raising recommendation associated with it, the budget editing dialog will now show 3 pre-computed budget points with stats and will automatically compute stats for a manually entered budget.

Deprecated features

Remove deprecated recommendation

"Include Display Network" option is no longer available for standard Shopping campaigns. It's always set to “Disabled”.

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