Quality Score in Google Ads Editor

Quality Score is a dynamic variable calculated for each of your keywords. It reflects your keyword's clickthrough rate (CTR) and the relevance of your ad text and landing page. Keywords with high Quality Scores are more relevant for users, more effective for your ad campaigns, and tend to cost less.

In Google Ads Editor, the Quality Score for each of your keywords is displayed when you view your Keywords, in the column labeled 'Quality Score.' The column displays a number from 1 through 10, which is a numerical representation of the standard Google Ads quality scale of 'Poor,' 'OK,' and 'Great.' Here's what each Quality Score state means:

  • Great (8, 9, 10): Your keyword is very relevant and your Quality Score needs no improvement.
  • OK (5, 6, 7): Your keyword is relevant, but you can still benefit from a higher Quality Score.
  • Poor (1, 2, 3, 4): This keyword isn't very relevant to users, and your Quality Score needs improvement.
To learn more about how Quality Score is calculated, visit this Google Ads article.

Quality Scores are assigned by the Google Ads system. For this reason, it isn't possible to edit them in Google Ads Editor.
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