Google Ads Editor version 2.0

Learn more about new features and updates in the March 2022 release for Google Ads Editor version 2.0. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

New features

Performance Max campaigns

Google Ads Editor 2.0 fully supports Performance Max campaigns, asset groups and product groups.

Updated onboarding for new users

When a new user runs Editor for the first time, a sequence of tips is shown, pointing out important parts of Editor UI with brief explanations. The tips could be recalled at any time by clicking Help, then Tutorials, then New user introduction.

The set of tips covers a variety of Google Ads Editor features including the following:

  • How to work with images
  • Recommendations
  • Advanced features within Download selection dialog
  • CSV import
  • Make Multiple Changes tool
  • Account Manager dialog
  • Scheduled download
  • Custom rules
  • Advanced search
  • Shared library
  • How to search for and fix errors
  • How to customize your account tree and type list

Custom actions and action triggers

A custom action is a task that you can save in your account so that you can easily re-run the task (for example, you can save the action to run the “Replace Text” tool on keywords in a specific search, and replace keyword A with keyword B). Custom actions can be used for frequently repeated tasks, such as adjusting bids based on stats.

With action triggers, you can automatically run one or more custom actions when a certain event occurs (for example, when a particular error or a custom rule violation is detected).

New supported recommendations

Google Ads Editor supports the following recommendation types:

  • Fix your conversion tracking
  • Fix your conversion action with no activity
  • Fix your conversion action with a conversion rate drop
  • Improve your responsive display ads

Conversion goals

Google Ads Editor 2.0 supports conversion goals. You can use Google Ads Editor to take the following actions:

  • View a list of standard goals available at account level
  • Choose for each such goal whether it should be targeted as account goal
  • Choose a list of standard goals for a campaign or switch the campaign to use account goals

Increased validation requirements for "Video - Drive conversions" campaigns

If you use "Video - Drive conversions" campaigns, you’ll be required to use "YouTube Search" or "Include video partners" network targeting on the Campaign edit pane under “Video networks.” Existing campaigns that don’t use this targeting will still be allowed; but new campaigns must target all 3 video networks. New ad groups in these campaigns must have the "Responsive video" type.

Type lists sortable alphabetically or by entity count

The types in the “Manage” section at the bottom left of the Editor window (also known as type navigation) can now be sorted alphabetically or by entity count (so the types with more items are nearer the top). The option is behind the 3-dot menu at the top right of the type navigation section.

Path 1 and Path 2 fields for responsive video ads

Responsive video ads now support 2 additional fields—Path 1 and Path 2.

More overview cards

You will be able to find the following overview cards in the latest version of Google Ads Editor 2.0:

  • Custom rules
  • Optimization score
  • Top campaigns
  • Top ad groups
  • Top keywords
  • Top video ads

Image library

This feature will allow you to manage large numbers of images, and select images for ads in bulk.

Asset report

You can now download and view an asset report for ads of certain types and for certain advertising channels. This new functionality is similar to the ad asset report in Google Ads UI found by navigating to Ads & assets > Ads > View asset details.

Shared Audience support

In Google Ads Editor 2.0, you can create and edit shared Audiences and attach them to ad groups and asset groups.

Deprecated features

Remove deprecated recommendation

The "Add ad suggestions" recommendation has been deprecated and has been removed from Google Ads Editor 2.0.

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