Google Ads Editor version 1.7

Learn more about new features and updates in the July 2021 release for Google Ads Editor version 1.7. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

New features

YouTube Audio

Google Ads Editor now fully supports YouTube Audio campaigns, ad groups, and ads.

Target CPA to Maximize conversions and Target ROAS for Max conversion values

  • For search campaigns, you can now add target cost-per-action (CPA) bidding to Maximize conversions strategy, as well as target return on ad spend (ROAS) bidding to Maximize conversion value strategy.
  • Where previously Target CPA strategy was used, you can use Maximize conversions with target CPA bid instead. You can also use Maximize conversion value with target ROAS bidding instead of Target ROAS strategy.
  • These situations include the following:
    • Creating a new search campaign: Google Ads Editor previously defaulted to Target CPA bidding under certain circumstances, and now defaults to Maximize conversions strategy.
    • Applying certain recommendations (Such as Target CPA Opt-in or Target ROAS Opt-in): Search campaigns are automatically opted into Maximize conversions or Max conversion value strategies instead.

Faster Downloads

Google Ads Editor will give you the option to select which entity types (such as campaigns) to download. This feature enables faster downloading.

Asset types

Google Ads Editor now fully supports the following assets:

  • Lead form assets
  • Asset-based sitelink assets, also known as "Sitelinks (upgraded)"
  • Asset-based structured snippet assets, also known as "Structured snippet assets (upgraded)"
  • Asset-based callout assets, also known as "Callout assets (upgraded)"
  • Related videos assets for Video campaigns

Additional recommendation types

Google Ads Editor now supports the following recommendation types:

  • Fix ad destinations
  • Use Target impression share bidding
  • Bid more efficiently with Maximize clicks
  • Use broad match versions of your keywords
  • Bid more efficiently with Maximize conversion value
  • Add image assets to your ads
  • Set a target ROAS
  • Add call assets to your ads

Hotel campaigns

Google Ads Editor now provides full support for Hotel campaigns.

Deprecated features

Showcase ads

Showcase ads and Showcase ad groups are no longer supported in Google Ads Editor. These ads and ad groups have been deleted, and can’t be created.

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