About sync reminders in Google Ads Editor

If you have multiple users managing your Google Ads account and are making concurrent edits using bulk uploads, you can set a reminder to your users to sync with your Google Ads account. This will help prevent inconsistencies and make sure you’re making edits to the latest version. You can set the reminder to appear at the time interval of your choice (for example, automatically is set to 48 hours by default). If you haven’t synced with your Google Ads account within the set time, you’ll see the “Get recent changes” button change from white to yellow. You’ll also see a warning before you post new changes reminding you that you haven’t synced with your Google Ads .

GIF of adjusting sync reminder intervals

Set or update a sync reminder

Use the following steps to set a sync reminder, or to change the frequency of it.

  1. Click Tools > Settings, then select the Download and Display tab.
  2. Use the dropdown menu under Sync nudge time and select your preferred option.

How reminders will appear

  • The get recent changes button will change color
  • In the “Post changes” dialogue window a Get recent changes button will appear next to the post button

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