Google Ads Editor version 1.6

Learn more about new features and updates in the April 2021 release for Google Ads Editor version 1.6. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

New features

Responsive video ads

Editor now supports Responsive video ads (also known as Video Action Ads or Video Performance ads).

Target CPA and Target ROAS warning messages

Editor will show warnings when a target ROAS bid on a campaign or ad group is set to the following values:

  • Bid set to less than 5%
  • Bid set to 0.5x or less of its previous value
  • Bed set to 2x or more of its previous value
  • Target CPA bid is edited to 10x or more of its previous value

Image picker for Make multiple changes

An image picker now shows on the "Add images" button in the Make multiple changes tool. This is the same image picker that shows in Editor when editing an image field. You can add a file from disk using the "add" button at the bottom.

Drag/drop image files onto image editor

You can now drag-and-drop image files (from Explorer, or the Mac equivalent) into the image editor to assign images to ads. If you drop multiple files, images will be assigned to similarly-named fields sequentially (for example if you select 5 files and drop them into "Marketing image 2" of a Responsive display ad, they'd be assigned to fields "Marketing image 2" through "Marketing image 6").

Feed-based and asset-based promotion assets

Using Editor you can upload and manage the new asset based promotion asset, which is meant to replace the deprecated feed-based asset. During the transition period, if a campaign has both types linked, the asset-based asset will take precedence and the feed-based asset will be ignored. Learn more about Asset-based Assets Migration.

Find duplicate keywords across multiple accounts

When multiple accounts are opened together in the same Editor window, you can use the Find duplicate keywords tool to look for duplicates (where the same or similar keywords appear in two or more accounts) across accounts.

Video lineups

Video lineup criteria is now supported in Editor.

Nudge to sync before posting

If you have multiple users managing your Google Ads account and are making concurrent edits using bulk uploads, you can set a reminder to your users to sync with your Google Ads account. This can help prevent inconsistencies and make sure you’re making edits to the latest version.

"Mixed (unique reach)" ad groups for Video campaigns

Editor supports the "Mixed (unique reach)" ad group type (also known as VIDEO_MIXED_REACH) for Video campaigns. Bumper ads and TrueView in-stream ads can co-exist in these ad groups.

Additional recommendation types

The following recommendation types are now supported:

  • Add sitelinks (account and campaign-level)
  • Adjust your ROAS targets
  • Adjust your [shared] budgets
  • Add price assets
  • Bid more efficiently with Enhanced CPC
  • Add descriptions to your sitelinks
  • Add structured snippets (account and campaign-level)
  • Add callouts (account and campaign-level)

Dynamic upload ads

Editor now has improved support for Image ads with an HTML5 bundle that specifies a product vertical (for example, Education, Flights, Hotels). Additionally, template ads with template ID 531 are recognized as image ads. These ads appear in the Image Ads view and no longer appear on Display Ads view.

Broad match modifier (BMM) keywords

In February changes to broad match modifier (BMM) and phrase match types were announced. As a result BMM keywords will behave the same as phrase match keywords going forward, and the creation of BMM keywords will no longer be available starting July 2021.

In Editor you will begin to see warnings next to BMM keywords and will be able to convert them to phrase or any other match type. These warnings will be visible for campaigns in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian. Click the link in the warning to learn more about how to update your BMM keywords.

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