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Use this form to contact the Local Services support team whenever you have a question or issue. You can expect a response within one business day.
Important: The Local Services support team can only assist you with your Local Service Ads and your upgraded Google My Business profile. For help with your Google Ads campaign please visit their support center.
If you are an agency or someone who manages multiple Google Ads accounts, please do not enter the Customer ID for your Google Ads Manager Account. Please select the Customer ID for the individual account. Learn how to find your Google Ads customer ID. If you have an upgraded Google My Business profile, leave this blank.
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Please upload all applicable licenses required and held by the business. Businesses must also confirm that they hold applicable county-, city-, and province-level licenses, and that all service professionals are appropriately licensed. 
The licenses Google has verified for each business are displayed on their provider profile.
Please upload general liability insurance. The certificate should clearly state the insurance amount, non-expired valid date, and a signature from the insurance provider. The minimum insurance amount required depends on the category and location.$0
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