Google Ads Editor v1.4: Support for recommendations and local campaigns

July 21, 2020

Today, we’re introducing Google Ads Editor v1.4. This release includes support for recommendations and local campaigns.


Recommendations provide customized suggestions to help improve your campaigns' performance. To make it easier for you to implement these suggestions at scale, you can now review and apply recommendations across accounts in Google Ads Editor. 


Screenshot of recommendations in Google Ads Editor

Recommendations in Editor are sorted by type, making it easy for you to understand both where and how many recommendations can be applied in your account. For example, before applying the Responsive Search Ads recommendation, you can see how many accounts and campaigns could benefit from their implementation. After applying the Responsive Search Ads recommendation, you can view it alongside other Responsive Search Ads, and make adjustments to the new or existing ads.

Screenshot of recommendations in Google Ads Editor

ForwardPMX, a leading digital marketing agency, found Recommendations in Editor efficient and easy to use. “This new feature will help us apply our most critical recommendations across accounts while saving our team time," said Olivia Hessey, PPC Analyst at ForwardPMX.

As you review your recommendations, use optimization score to prioritize the recommendations that help you drive results. For a complete list of recommendations available in Editor, visit the Google Ads Help Center. New recommendations will be added in Editor over the coming months. 

Local campaigns

Editor now supports local campaigns. With this new feature, you can easily search and replace text, move items, and undo or redo changes to your local campaigns in bulk. 

For a complete list of new features in Google Ads Editor v1.4, visit the Google Ads Help Center. Download the latest version by opening Google Ads Editor or visiting the Google Ads homepage.

Posted by Herlen Zoljargal, Product Manager, Google Ads

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