About audience exclusion segments for App campaigns

Audience exclusions in App campaigns allow you to finely focus your audience targeting to ensure that you don’t waste ad revenue on users who don't need to see certain campaign ads.

Whether you’re running ads for multiple apps and want to ensure that existing users of one app aren’t targeted for your other apps, or you want to keep ads from running to users who uninstall and reinstall your apps regularly to free up space on their devices, or users who are already active on your website, creating audience exclusion segments can help. Learn how to create audience exclusion segments for App campaigns.

Benefits of audience exclusions

  • Keep audience targeting separate between your different apps to avoid taking users from existing apps when you release new apps.
  • Distinguish audience segments for full and “light” versions of your app.
  • Distinguish values for different types of users and avoid showing new app ads to users who've already proven that they are of lower value for your app.
  • Avoid using ad spend on users who regularly uninstall and reinstall your apps or who have existing relationships on the web side of your business.


You must meet all of the following requirements in order to use audience exclusions:

  • Your campaign is linked to your Firebase SDK account.
  • You have enabled Firebase conversion tracking.
  • You have enabled bidding on Firebase conversion actions.
  • Your manager account has set up Firebase conversion tracking for the child account that will use audience exclusions.

Benefits of integrating with Firebase

  • Firebase makes app performance tracking easy.
  • Google Ads conversion tracking will use the code you’ve already installed for Firebase, so there’s no need to add new code to your app.
  • A single Firebase project can connect to multiple Google Ads accounts or manager accounts. Each Google Ads account will have access to audiences created in Firebase.
Audience exclusions are only available at the campaign level. You cannot create them at the account level.

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