About company specialisations

Company specialisations will be deprecated in June 2021.

Company specialisations are a way to recognise and differentiate agencies with specific product expertise in certain areas. This article explains how companies can earn specialisations and how specialisations are displayed.


Specialisations recognise companies that earn Google Partner status and demonstrate increased performance and product expertise in Google Ads products. These specialisations are displayed on company profiles and on the Google Partner and Premier Google Partner badges. You can use specialisations to help win business and differentiate yourself in the market based on your company's specific skills.

How to earn specialisations

Specialisations are given based on the criteria of at least one user with a Google Ads certification, in the specialisation product area, 90-day Google Ads spend of $10,000 in the specialisation product area, and company performance in the specialisation product area.

Company specialisation icons

If you qualify for a specialisation in one of the product areas, you'll notice the icons in your Partner or Premier Partner badge.


Search advertising

Search Advertising

Video advertising

Video Advertising

Display advertising

Display Advertising

Shopping advertising

Shopping Advertising

How company specialisations show on the Partner badges

On online properties (like your website), your company specialisations appear as an animated pop-up when a user hovers over the top right of the badge. Each specialisation has its own icon.

In printed marketing materials (like business cards), the specialisations will be listed below the badge as icons and text. Take a look at the badge usage guidelines for more details.

How to check your specialisation status

If you have admin, standard or read-only access to your company's Google Ads manager account, you can find your specialisation status by going to the Partners programme tab in your Google Ads manager account and looking at the badge status card. If your company has earned a specialisation, you'll see it listed on the badge card. You can click on 'View details' to find out more information on:

  • Which specialisations your company has earned
  • If your company is at risk of losing a specialisation
  • What requirements your company needs to meet to either earn or keep your specialisations


  1. Go to the 'Partners programme' tab.
  2. Find the 'Badge status' card and look for 'Specialisations'
  3. To see more details about your company's specialisation status, click View details.

From the 'View details' card, click on each specialisation to see your company's status on each requirement.

What your specialisation status means

Specialisation status What it means
Not achieved Your company isn't meeting the requirements for the specialisation area. Expand this section to see more details on the requirements.
Achieved Your company is meeting the requirements for the specialisation area. Expand this section to see more details on the requirements.

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