About ad scheduling

In Local Services by Google, you can choose the days of the week and the times of the day to run your ad. For example, you can set your ad to run during regular opening hours or when you can respond to customer calls in a timely manner. You can also set your ad to 'paused' to stop it from displaying, regardless of your schedule. Switching it back 'on' will resume displaying it according to the ad schedule that you’ve chosen. 

If it's outside of your scheduled hours or your ad is paused, a free version of your listing may be displayed. 

How to schedule your ad

  1. Sign in to Local Services.
  2. Click the Menu Icon menu at the top.
  3. Click on Profile & Budget.
  4. Click on the blue text next to 'Ad schedule'. The blue text will be whatever schedule type is currently set (as listed in the next step). The default schedule type is 'Always on'.
  5. In the 'Ad scheduling' dialogue, choose the type of schedule for when you want your ad to display:
    • Always on – Your ad will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Only during my opening hours - Your ad will run during the opening hours specified in the 'Opening hours' field at the bottom of the 'Profile & budget' page.
    • Custom hours – Choose the days of the week and the hours of the day to show your ad.
  6. Click Save.
Note: If you are advertising through a partner affiliate, the above information does not apply to you. Learn more
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