Metrics available in the Report Editor for Hotel ads

Note: This article applies only to reporting for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. If you haven't migrated your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads, read about reporting for Hotel campaigns in the Hotel Ads Centre.

Hotel Ads reporting metrics are now available in Google Ads. You can view key performance data at the account, campaign and ad group level. (Note: You won't be able to see hotel group metrics in Report Editor, but you can see Hotel ID metrics. If you'd like to see hotel group metrics, click Hotel groups in the page menu).

The Report Editor also contains key hotel attributes which you can view in a customised report.

Report Editor metrics

The Google Ads Report Editor now supports hotel attributes. You can create custom reports using many of the metrics previously available in the Hotel Ad Centre. The following table provides a list of available hotel attributes found in the Report Editor, along with the corresponding metric name found in the previous Hotel Ads Centre interface.

Report Editor Metrics Hotel Ad Centre Metric
Advanced Booking new metric
Check-in date check_in_date
Clicks clicks
Conversions conversions
Cost billing_cost
Country/Territory country
Date type date_type
Device device_type
Hotel Centre ID subaccount_id
Hotel ID hotel_id
Impressions impressions
Length of stay length_of_stay

Key performance metrics

The following metrics can be found within your Google Ads performance data at the Account, Campaign or Ad Group level in place of the previous Hotel Ads Centre version. To see this data in your Google Ads reporting, you can modify columns to select these metrics.

Column name Column category Hotel Ad Centre Metric
Avg. pos. Competitive metrics ad_position
All conv. value Conversions booked_base_price_usd
Search abs. top IS Competitive metrics slot_position
Search impr. share Competitive metrics eligible_impressions
Search top IS Competitive metrics slot
Note: The average position metric (Avg. pos.) will be phased out in September 2019. Learn more about the new metrics for measuring and optimising your Hotel ads.

Discontinued metrics

The following metrics previously available in the Hotel Ad Centre have been discontinued.

  • Property: All impressions are under the 'Google search' property
  • Booked_total_price_usd: With the Global site tag in Google Ads, you can choose your preferred value for 'All conv. Value' and the currency will be converted into the account currency.

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