About bidding in App campaigns for engagement

Bidding in App campaigns for engagement works a little differently to bidding in regular App campaigns. Since App campaigns for engagement are focused on in-app actions, you'll set a bid for app events (instead of installs). This is called the Target cost-per-action (Target CPA). It lets you choose how much you'd like to pay for a new user for your app who is more likely to complete the in-app action you’re trying to encourage. 

When you set your bid, you're telling Google Ads the average amount you'd like to spend each time someone performs a specific in-app action; some bids will be more, and some will be less. Keep in mind that your budget will be used to get as many in-app actions as possible at your set amount. So, if you set your average daily budget for US$300, and your Target CPA is US$10, you're aiming for about 30 actions per day from your ads.


Let’s say you’re driving an in-app conversion that’s worth US$10 to your business. Your bid should be anywhere from US$0–US$10, but the ideal bid should be as close to the in-app action’s value as possible. If the in-app event has the potential to drive more than US$10, then you could bid even higher.

We recommend that you: 

  • Set your average daily budget to 15 times your Target CPA. 
  • Align your Target CPA with the value of the conversions you are optimizing for, and base your Target CPA on the actual CPA achieved for the in-app event.     
    • Note: If your conversion rate is low to begin with, increase your Target CPA bid. Increasing your Target CPA bid lets your ad participate in more auctions and gather more data so that Google Ads can learn what works best for your app.


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