Use the Google Ads API for Hotel campaigns

Hotel campaigns in Google Ads uses the new Google Ads API (previously the AdWords API) for performance reporting, budgets, bids and campaign management.

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Before you begin

When you migrate your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads, metrics for Google Ads campaigns won't be visible in the Travel Partner API. You'll want to use the Google Ads API instead.

The Travel Partner API however, will continue to exist for feed maintenance issues, such as price monitoring and price accuracy.

Use the Google Ads API developers site to understand how the API works, including a quick-start guide. You can also see how the API works for Hotel campaigns.

Differences between the Travel Partner API and Google Ads API

The Google Ads API features:

  • New API endpoint and access methods
  • gRPC and JSON REST support
  • Client libraries are available in Java, NET/C#, Ruby, PHP and Python
  • More querying flexibility with the Google Ads Query Language
  • Reports:
    • If you've used the Travel Partner APIs, field names have changed in the Google Ads API. Learn more about using the API and field names for reports
    • The Campaign Opportunity and Top Opportunity report have been deprecated.
    • In the Travel Partner API, the metrics and column order in reports was fixed. With the Google Ads Query Language, you can now choose which metrics are returned and in what order they should be returned.
    • Reporting APIs will now return JSON results (no CSV available, although this can be completed as post-processing).

What hasn't changed:

● Feed-related API calls will remain in the Travel Partner API, including the Hotel List and Prices feed.

● OAuth 2.0 will continue to be used.

Get access to the Google Ads API for Hotel campaigns

If you already use the Google Ads API (previously the AdWords API): You already have a developer token with access to the Google Ads API. You can start using the Google Ads API beta for Hotel campaigns. Learn more

If you don't already use the Google Ads API: Before you can access the Google Ads API, you'll need to create your Google Ads account structure, including a manager account and managed accounts. Learn more

Get Google Ads API access:

  1. You must have a Google Ads manager account to get a developer token. Learn how to create a manager account
  2. Request a developer token by submitting a request from your manager account. In the Google Ads interface, click the 'Tools' icon at the top and select API Centre under 'Setup'. You'll only see the API Centre link if you're signed in to a manager account.
  3. After you have a Google Ads manager account and your developer token, you'll need to request specific access to the Google Ads API (AdWords API). To gain access, use this contact us form to provide the following 4 pieces of information:
  • Manager account ID
  • Last 4 characters of the developer token that's generated after completing the API centre form
  • Issue type (Other)
  • Description: Please use the following: 'Hotel Ads Partner'

You'll receive a confirmation email that you've been granted access to the Google Ads API. If you have any questions regarding the application process, contact us.

Use the Google Ads API for Hotel campaigns

Read the Hotel Ads Overview to learn how to perform common tasks with the Google Ads API, such as creating and modifying campaigns, ad groups, hotel groups and bids.

If you need help with your Hotel ads, please contact us or request to chat with a support specialist.
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