New call-to-action asset available for video ads

December 11, 2018

Making videos interactive with features like end screens and a call-to-action helps viewers learn about your brand or service and take relevant actions. In an effort to simplify our interactivity features across video ad formats, we will sunset the YouTube call-to-action overlay in January 2019 and introduce a new call-to-action asset.

When your primary objective is driving conversions or clicks to your website, we recommend using TrueView for action, our ad format that comes with built-in features like a call-to-action displayed while your ad runs and after it ends. It’s a great example of how interactive elements can enhance viewer engagement and help you better achieve your marketing goals.

When you want to offer a call-to-action, but your primary objective is something other than clicks or conversions (such as awareness or consideration), we will offer a new call-to-action asset that can be applied to TrueView in-stream ads, and later, to Bumper ads and TrueView video discovery ads

To promote interaction with organic videos, you may still use end screens and a variety of cards

Learn how to set up a call-to-action asset for TrueView in-stream campaigns here.

Call-to-action extension

An example of a TrueView in-stream ad with new call-to-action asset.


Posted by JR Futrell, Product Manager, Video Ads

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