Reported conversions will decrease without sitewide tags

Reported conversions will decrease without sitewide tags

In order to ease the transition to sitewide tags, Google Ads is replacing some search and video conversions lost to missing sitewide tags with modeled conversions. Starting March 2019, Google will stop providing these models. Advertisers who have not migrated to sitewide tags will see a drop in their Conversions and All Conversions columns. We recommend you transition to sitewide tags immediately to avoid any disruption to your ads.

Conversion estimation before March 2019

Google Ads currently models website conversions that should be attributed to Search clicks and Video views but go unobserved because the sitewide tag was absent. Google adds these modeled conversions to your accounts metrics. Google models the conversions by extrapolating conversion trends across browsers.

Reports in Google Ads include both the modeled or observed website conversions. The modeled website conversions will be included in all the same reports and with all the same tools as observed conversions, including Smart Bidding.

Advertisers who have applied sitewide tags do not receive modeled conversions.

What to expect in March 2019

Advertisers who have not applied the sitewide tag by March 2019 will see a drop in the number of conversions reported in their account. Any automation in your account, including Smart Bidding, will begin to use the updated numbers. Therefore, it’s critical to deploy the sitewide tags to your account.

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