Extend the impact of video campaigns with Google video partners

September 26, 2018

Over 1.9 billion users come to YouTube every month to watch video. For brands, YouTube delivers high impact exposure to engaged audiences, industry-leading viewability, and proven business results.

But YouTube isn’t the only place people watch video – they watch across the web, and in games and apps. To help you find more potential customers when they engage with content away from YouTube, we offer Google video partners.

Google video partners is collection of sites and mobile apps from our partner publishers that provide high quality, brand suitable video content and expanded audience reach beyond YouTube. You can access Google video partners inventory via Google Ads and Display & Video 360, and it’s integrated into the planning and measurement capabilities you’re familiar with for YouTube, including Reach Planner, Unique Reach and Active View. And to make sure your Google video partners campaigns align with your objectives, we offer a range of video formats, including TrueView in-stream, 6 second bumper ads, and outstream video ads. These seamless integrations make it easier for you to scale the impact of your video advertising.

We know running ads on video partner sites is an effective way to extend campaign reach, but what about impact? To answer this question, we studied the Brand Lift results of TrueView in-stream campaigns across both YouTube and Google video partners. We collected hundreds of thousands of survey responses in 41 Brand Lift studies across devices on YouTube and Google video partners, then computed lift for each inventory source independently. We observed that ad impressions on Google video partners resulted in as much lift in Ad Recall as ad impressions on YouTube, and were as cost-efficient. This research shows that Google video partners plays an important role in maximizing the reach and impact of your video campaigns.

Users consume content online in increasingly diverse ways. With Google video partners, we make it easier for you to extend the reach and impact of your video advertising with access to high quality publishers across the best of the web and apps. To measure the incremental reach and Brand Lift of adding Google video partners to your YouTube campaigns, speak to your Google account manager.

Posted by Armen Mkrtchyan, Product Manager, Video Ads

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