Linking payments profiles to your manager account

For security purposes, if you have a manager account and one of your client accounts applies for monthly invoicing, Google requires that your manager account be linked to a payment profile. This helps ensure that your manager account owns the payment profile and prevents any unauthorized access to your account.

To link a payments profile to your manager account, you must authorize a Google representative to do so on your behalf. The primary contact listed in the payments profile, or someone using an email address with your company’s domain name (for example, “”) must send an email to the appropriate Google account manager, with the following content:

"Please use this email as authorization to enable MCC account Customer ID [xxx-xxx-xxxx] to use the [payments profile name AND payments profile ID #] credit line."

For example, let's say the following applies to you:

  • Your manager account Customer ID is 111-111-1111

  • The name associated with the payments profile is ABC

  • The payment profile ID is 2222-2222-2222

The email should then read:

"Please use this email as confirmation to enable Manager Account (aka MCC) xxx-xxx-xxxx to be linked to [insert Payments Profile Name AND Payments Profile ID #]."

Note that more than one payments profile can be linked to a manager account. The same payments profile can also be linked to more than one manager account.

What you can expect

When a payments profile is linked to your manager account, users with admin or standard access to the manager account can manage some billing & payments settings for client accounts linked to that manager account. Below are tasks that those users will be able to complete:

  • Change the payments profile that pays for a linked client account

  • Change the client account’s invoice setup

  • Set up consolidated billing

Users without admin or standard permission for your manager account will not be able to take any of the above actions.

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