Evaluate your landing pages with the Landing Pages report

The Landing pages page is designed to help advertisers identify which landing pages may be providing an inadequate user experience. Evaluating your pages is important because a bad user landing page experience not only hurts your ability to convert visitors, but it can affect your ad's performance, since landing page experience is an important factor in our auction pricing models.

The report includes landing page URLs for all Search, Display, and Video campaigns.

The report provides you with common performance metrics, including conversion statistics.  In addition, there are three metrics that can help you identify which of your landing pages could provide a better experience on mobile devices:

  • Mobile Speed Score: A score from 1-10 that indicates how quickly your pages load for users on mobile devices.
  • Mobile-friendly click rate: This rating indicates how mobile-friendly your pages are based on Google’s Mobile-Friendly test.
  • Valid AMP click rate: If your pages support the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard, this rating indicates how often your pages load as valid AMP pages when people click on your ads. This rating is based on the AMP Validator test.

Understanding the importance of speed

One of the best and easiest ways to get better results from your mobile ads is to improve the speed of your landing pages.  In retail, we’ve seen that a one second delay in mobile can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%.

However, it can be difficult to gauge what your landing page load times actually are, or how they impact your performance.  As a result, some advertisers spend too much time optimizing their keywords and creatives when in fact it is their landing page's slow load time that causes many visitors to leave before even having the chance to convert.

We designed the Mobile speed score to diagnose which pages are providing a less-than-ideal user experience on mobile devices. The score is based on real-world user experience data, and takes into account a number of factors, including the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rate.  

Please note that we require a minimum amount of data to produce the speed score.  Therefore, some lesser visited pages may not have a score.  That said, if you don't see a speed score for a given URL, try increasing your report's date range.

How to improve the mobile speed score

If you find that your pages generally have low mobile speed scores, contact your webmaster to see what can be done to improve mobile load times. Eliminate all unnecessary redirects between the user and the landing page (for example, server-side redirect for mobile pages, or further redirects from the final URL entered in Google Ads).

Also consider using AMP pages in conjunction with your Google Ads campaigns. AMP landing pages load instantly.  Additionally, AMP is supported natively in Google Ads, and is a powerful and easy way to supercharge your mobile site speed. 

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