Manager accounts in the new Google Ads experience

Exclusive features for manager accounts

Along with most of the manager account features that you’re used to, these new features are now available in manager accounts:

  • Find information about all your accounts on the new Accounts page
  • Overview page showing summary of performance data for managed accounts
  • Currency conversion for accounts using currencies different from the manager account
  • Hierarchy view that shows your full account structure
  • Cancel managed accounts directly from your manager account
  • See all available recommendations across your managed accounts on the new Recommendations page

Other benefits

We’ve used your feedback to make the new Google Ads experience easier to use.  In addition to the new features above, you’ll find these account improvements:

  • Full page table view: Easily view data by expanding tables to a full page view and hiding the navigation bars.
  • Switch between accounts: The Account selector has moved to the top of the page, making it easy to switch between different accounts.
  • Custom default home page: Customise your home page by selecting the performance modules that you want to see.
  • Custom columns at ads and keywords levels: Apply the custom columns that you’ve already saved in your account to the Ads and Keywords sections of your account.
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