Exclusive features in the new Google Ads experience

The new Google Ads experience has a number of exclusive new features that aren't available in the previous AdWords experience, including:

Account optimisation

  • “Overview” page: Get curated performance insights that are generated by Google about your account, campaigns and ad groups. 

Ad creation

  • Promotion extensions: Highlight specific sales and offers along with your Search ads.
  • Ad variations: Easily experiment with variations of your ads across multiple campaigns or your entire account. When you’re happy with the results, keep the variations that worked.
  • Version history for ads: See previous versions of your ad and how they performed.


Conversion tracking

  • Easier, more accurate conversion tracking: Create a new website conversion action to access a global site tag, which offers easier integration with products like Google Analytics.


  • Audience manager: Unifies targeting options for the Google Display network and remarketing lists for Search ads. To find, click the main tools icon  in the upper right-hand of your account, and click Audience manager.


  • Shopping campaigns (goal-optimised): Maximise your conversion value and expand your reach by simplifying your campaign management with goal-optimised Shopping campaigns.
  • Showcase Shopping ads: Get customers interested in your brand or business by grouping together related products and presenting them together. Available in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the US.



  • Custom columns at the ads and keywords levels: Apply the custom columns that you’ve already saved in your account to the Ads and Keywords sections of your account.
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