Improve your keywords with the New Words insight card

July 17, 2018

New search terms might be triggering your ads over time, even without keyword changes on your part. These new search terms could signal new keyword opportunities. Previously, advertisers had to manually uncover these new search terms in the search term report.

The New Words insight now does this work for you. It monitors for new search terms and alerts you so you can address them in a timely manner. 

Let’s say you’re advertising for a shoe company. Upon reviewing the insight card, you notice a new search term, ‘trainer’, that is triggering your ad. You find that searches with the term ‘trainer’ are driving higher conversion rates. From there you might add new keywords tied to ‘trainer’ search terms.  You might also use the Keyword Planner to find more high value search terms with the word “trainer” in them.

You could also use this insight to scan for new search terms that aren’t relevant or are under-performing. In the shoe example below, the insight card helps you flag a term like ‘horseshoe’, which you could specify as a negative keyword. 

New Words insight card


In addition to New Words insight, be sure to review your full search terms report periodically to get a more complete view of the search terms associated with your ads. 

Visit the Help Center to get details on this insight card and others in the Overview tab of your account. 

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