About local catalogue ads

Local catalogue ads (LCA) are a highly visual and easy-to-browse ad format that use feed data from local inventory ads and reach viewers of Display ads. LCA can help you drive foot traffic to your local shops by highlighting shop-specific products, prices and shop information.

local catalog ads


  • Feature your product inventory dynamically across the web and apps: You can help ready-to-buy shoppers discover your products using an easy-to-scroll mobile layout.
  • Complement your print marketing goals: You can use the same creatives (image and text) and product selection that you use for print ads (like catalogues, flyers and circulars), and control the order in which products appear.
  • Measure and optimise your ads: Monitor and improve the performance of your ads with precise and real-time shop visit data.


Local catalogue ads use the cost-per-engagement bidding model where you only pay for the first user engagement.

Engagement is defined when a user does the following:

  • Scrolls more than ½ of the ad width or height 
  • Taps on the product to open a product detail page 
  • Clicks through to the advertiser's site

Shop visit measurement

Shop visits are the main success metrics for local catalogue ads, which support both click-based and impression-based measurements.

Available countries

Local catalogue ads are available in all the countries where local inventory ads are present, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK and US.

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