How does Conversion Tracking work with Google Analytics?

Advertisers who have linked Google Ads accounts and opt into Data Sharing can now import Analytics data into Google Ads Conversion Tracking. Here's some benefits of using conversion tracking with Analytics:

  • Convenient access to Analytics goals, transactions, and session data related to your Google Ads ad clicks. Learn more about goals and how to set them up for your website.

  • Google Ads conversions and Analytics goals and transactions display next to each other, so you can see more ways to optimize your advertising campaigns. (You'll need to link your Analytics data to Google Ads Conversion Tracking to see these statistics,but you won't need to tag any Analytics conversion pages with the Google Ads Conversion Tracking code.)
  • Google Analytics data automatically imports into Conversion Optimizer to streamline bidding for conversions at a lower cost. The Conversion Optimizer optimizes your placement in the ad auction to make sure you get low-converting clicks only if they are cheap, while still getting you as many high-converting clicks as profitable. You'll need to have Conversion Tracking enabled and have at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days. Start using the Conversion Optimizer.

You must have a Google Analytics account in order to link to conversion tracking. Create an account by visiting the Analytics sign up page.

If you already have a Google Analytics account with data in it, learn how to share your Analytics data with Google Ads Conversion Tracking .

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