Choosing the right product or service

1. Choose the most relevant business type

The more relevant your chosen product or service is, the more relevant your search phrases will be, too. If your product or service isn't relevant to your business, or perhaps your business has changed since you set up your ad, you can change it by updating your ad audience.

2. Avoid indirectly related products or services

Avoid choosing a product or service that isn’t directly related to your business. While a children’s furniture store might want to attract parents searching for children’s clothing, the furniture store might end up paying for clicks from parents looking for clothing, not furniture. Describing your business accurately helps attract potential customers that are interested in exactly what your business provides.

3. Create separate ads
You can always run ads for multiple products or services, by creating more than one ad. You can even allocate more of your advertising budget to one of your ads if you want to highlight that aspect of your business.

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