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Key idea: Free to add, extensions are add-ons that give your ad more impact

Most advertisers use extensions, and they’re essential to creating Search ads. So what are they exactly? Well, if you’ve ever been searching on Google and seen an ad with a call button, extra links, an address, or other extra information, you’ve seen extensions.

Extensions make your ad larger and more robust, giving people more reasons to take action directly from your ads.

Here are the 3 extensions that are recommended for just about everyone:

  • Sitelink extensions. Direct people to specific pages on your website—your store hours, a specific product, or more. When someone clicks or taps on your links, they can skip right to what they want to know or buy. For example, if you run a bicycle shop, you’d display the link “City bicycles” and set that sitelink URL as your page that shows your city bicycles. To make it more likely that your sitelinks show with your ads, add at least 4 sitelinks (for example: Hours, City bicycles, Electric bicycles, Contact us). Learn more about sitelink extensions.
  • Callouts. Callouts give you more space to add text. When customers see your ads with callouts, they see a larger ad with more detailed information about your business, products, and services. To make it more likely that your callouts show with your ads, add at least 4 callouts (for example: Free Shipping, New Arrivals Are Here, Extended Sizes, New Customer Discount. Learn more about callout extensions.

  • Structured snippets. Entice users by highlighting specific aspects of your products and services in your ads. Structured snippets show underneath your ad text in the form of a header and list (for example: “Destinations: Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Africa”). Learn more about structured snippet extensions.

Beyond these 3 extensions, Google Ads offers many more, like location extensions (to promote local business), promotion extensions (for holiday sales), and call extensions (to get calls from prospective customers). Learn more and select extensions to use.

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