Free Local Services listings

Some Google My Business listings are also included in the Local Services unit for free. If a Local Services advertiser has paused their ad or run out of budget they may be included in the Local Services unit for free. If a Local Services advertiser sets an ad schedule, but it’s a time when their ad isn’t scheduled to run, they may also be included in the Local Services unit for free. 

These listings show up beneath paid listings, do not have the Google Guarantee badge, and are only available for certain service categories and areas at this time. Find out if your business is eligible to participate in Local Services here.

If you’d like to have your business listed in the unit for free, please submit an application.


Why is my business not showing up in the Local Services unit? What can I do to make it show up?

Can my business still show in the Local Services unit if it did not pass advanced verification?

  • All locksmith businesses in the US and Canada and garage door businesses in the US participating in Local Service ads are required to pass advanced verification. You can appeal the result of your advanced verification here.

How are businesses in the Local Services unit ranked?

  • Rank within the Local Services unit is determined by a number of factors that help Google match service providers to consumers.
  • Factors that can affect your business’s ranking within the Local Services unit include:
    • Proximity to potential customers' locations 
    • Review score and the number of reviews your business receives
    • Business hours

How can I update incorrect business information shown in my listing?

  • Please contact us to update any incorrect business information.

Why is information in my Local Services listing different than my Google My Business listing?

  • Local Services listings should match your Google My Business listing. Contact us to update incorrect information.

How can I remove my listing from the Local Services unit?

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