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This guide shows you how to quickly find key features in Google Ads. Use the image as a map of your account to find such features as the campaigns page, billing, and shared library. 

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1. Navigation menu 2. Page menu 3. Subpage menu 4. Top bar 5. Table toolbar

Basic Account Management

Go to any page GO TO icon 4., then enter the page you want to go to. Or type G then T on your keyboard
Expand navigation menu Arrow icon 4.
Campaigns   To view all your campaigns, click All campaigns 1., then Campaigns 2.. To go to one campaign, select the campaign. 1.
Ads   Ads & extensions 2., Ads 3.
Keywords   Keywords 2.
Search terms   Keywords 2., then Search Terms 3.
Extensions   Ads & extensions 2., Extensions 3.
Audiences or remarketing   Audiences 2.
Conversions and Attribution Tools icon 4., then Measurement section
Google Analytics Tools icon 4., then Measurement section
Shared library Tools icon 4.
Business data Tools icon 4., then Setup section
Tools Tools icon 4.
Keyword Planner Tools icon 4.
Change history   Change history 2.
Billing Tools icon 4.
Help Help icon 4.
Keyboard shortcuts   Press the ? key on your keyboard for a list of keyboard shortcuts.


Dimensions Chart icon 4., then Pre-defined reports
Reports and Dashboards Chart icon 4., then Reports or Dashboards
Expand table Expand table icon Expand table icon 5.
Download download icon Download icon 5.
Filter Filter Filter icon 5.
Choose columns Columns Column icon 5.
Group rows by Segment and group icon 5.
Segment rows by Segment and group icon 5.
Auction insights   Campaigns, Ad groups, or Keywords 2., then Auction insights 3.
Automatic placements   Placements 2., then Where ads showed 3.

Advanced Features

Create an automated rule 3-dot icon 5.
Upload 3-dot icon 5.
Bulk actions Tools icon 4.
Bulk apply negative keyword lists to campaigns   Campaigns 2., select the desired campaigns, then Edit 5., then Edit targeting
Bid adjustments   Audiences, Locations, Ad schedule, Devices, or Advanced bid adj.2.
Bid-only audiences   Renamed to audience observations
Target-and-bid audiences   Renamed to audience targeting
Audience manager Tools icon 4.
Audience insights and sources Tools icon 4., then Audience Manager, then left menu
Drafts & experiments   Drafts & experiments 2.
Ad variations   Drafts & experiments 2., then Ad variations 3.
Auto-tagging   All campaigns 1., then Settings 2. and Account settings 3.

Content exclusions


  All campaigns 1., then Settings 2. and Account settings 3.
URL options / tracking template (account-level)   All campaigns 1., then Settings 2. and Account settings 3.
Import Analytics goals   Tools icon 4., then Conversions, then , then Import
Conversion web pages Tools icon 4., then Conversions, click on any existing conversion, then Web Pages 3.
Campaign groups Navigation panel 1.


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