Important update: Partner badge status now in Google Ads

Your company's Google Partner badge and specialization status are now available in the Google Ads.

What this means for you and your company

The change may impact your company's badge and specialization status. We've updated the way we define affiliated users. Previously, users were able to request to affiliate with a company, however in Google Ads, Google Ads manager account access levels are used to determine Partners user affiliation.

  • If a user has admin, standard, or read-only access, they'll be able to see the Partners program tab and their company's badge and specialization details.
  • For the user's Google Ads certifications to count toward the company's badge and specialization status, they must have admin or standard access levels to their company's Google Ads manager account or its sub-manager accounts, and they must have opted in to sharing their Academy for Ads account information. Learn more

To check your company's badge status in Google Ads, log in to your Google Ads manager account and click on the Partners program tab.

You'll no longer be able to view your company's badge and specialization status in your Google Partners account.

How to download your badge

To download your badge in the new Google Ads experience:

  1. Go to your company's Partners program tab.
  2. Find your company's badge status card.
  3. Click the three-dot menu , and then click Get badge assets. You'll get the following:
    • A .zip file that contains multiple badge sizes and formats for use with printed marketing materials.
    • Dynamic badge code snippet for using the badge on your company's website. It's best to work with your webmaster if you aren't familiar with editing your website.

Note: It may take 24 to 48 hours for your badge to become available.

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