Set up store sales (direct upload) conversion tracking

Store sales (direct upload) lets you import offline transactions directly into Google Ads either yourself or through third-party partners. By matching transaction data from your loyalty program or customer database, you can see how your Google ads translate into offline purchases. You’ll see aggregated and anonymized data by campaign and device for Search, YouTube, and Shopping campaigns.

Eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible to measure store sales (direct upload) conversions, you need to:

  • Track store sales data in a customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Have a loyalty program or other ways to collect customer information associated with offline transactions
  • Upload transaction data every week or every other week
  • Receive thousands of ad clicks or views and store sales for the account each month
  • Comply with the store sales (direct upload) policies


If you meet the above requirements, contact your account representative. Once whitelisted, create a store sales conversion action in your account:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the tools icon in the upper right corner of your account.
  3. Under “Measurement,” click Conversions.
  4. Click the plus button  to create a new conversion action.
  5. Click Store sales.
  6. Select Store sales (direct upload), and click Continue.
  7. You’ll see a message about Google’s policies for uploading data. To confirm that you comply with Google’s policies, click Confirm.
  8. Next to “Conversion name,” enter a name for the conversion you’d like to track. This will help you recognize this conversion action later in conversion reports.
  9. Next to “Count,” select how to count your conversions.
    • Every. This setting is best for sales, when every conversion likely adds value for your business.
    • One. This setting is best for leads, such as a sign-up form on your website, when only one conversion per ad click likely adds value for your business.
  10. Click Conversion window. Select how long to track conversions after an ad interaction from the drop-down. The window can be 1 to 30 days. Learn more about conversion windows.
  11. Click Create and continue.
  12. Click Done.

You have the option to create multiple store sales conversion actions to track different type of transactions, such as product category and channel.

Import transactions into Google Ads

You’ve just set up your store sales (direct upload) conversion tracking system.

Now, upload your offline transactions and events data.

Note: Small numbers in store sales reports

Occasionally, store sales may show low numbers, even “1”. This can happen if you’re looking at data on a more detailed level, such as segmentation by device. Because these numbers are modeled, extrapolated, and anonymized, “1” doesn’t actually mean that one person clicked an ad and then made an offline purchase. You can read this as a value close to 1, or an average of 1.

While store sales (direct upload) gives you a general overview of your campaign performance, store sales reports are more precise when the numbers are larger. We recommend using reporting levels with at least 400 store sales to evaluate your performance.

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