App campaigns from A to Z

Drive app installs and actions using Google's machine learning engine

How it works

App campaigns streamline the process for you, making it easy to promote your apps across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. Just add a few lines of text, a bid, some assets, and the rest is optimized to help your users find you.

Where App ads appear

How asset types are used to create ads

Set up your campaign                      

Get started with these step-by-step guides:

Create an App campaign

About bidding in App campaigns

Choose a bidding strategy 

Make better creative assets

App conversion tracking

Set up conversion tracking for your app

About mobile app conversion tracking

Track installs and in-app actions:

Guide campaign performance      

Evaluate performance based on your goal

Find out how effective your assets are

Get the most out of your App campaign

Guide your creative strategy with Ad strength

Guide campaigns methodically

Get training  (Sign-in required)               

Learn the fundamentals of App campaigns 

Learn about Ad Assets for App campaigns

Drive engagement with your app

News & blogs                                                                                                 

Steer performance with creative assets

Optimize for in-app actions

Find more of your "star" customers with App campaigns

Tips and guidelines

Find the right mobile app users: Google best practices - Best practices for setting up conversion tracking, setting up App campaigns based on your goals, uploading diverse assets, evaluating campaign performance, and making improvements to your campaigns. 

Write successful text ads - Though App campaigns have a unique way of handling text to create your ads, the fundamentals still apply. This article shares best practices for writing successful text ads and common mistakes to avoid.

Apply exclusions to your content - Learn how to exclude specific sites or prevent certain types of content from hosting your ads.

Follow ad policies- Read up on app ad-specific policies to make sure your ads comply with Google advertising policies.


Link Google Play and Google Ads accounts

About app engagement ads and deep links

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