Use bulk upload to create multiple accounts from your manager account

Instead of creating individual Google Ads accounts in your manager account, you can use bulk upload to create multiple Google Ads accounts in your manager account. 

Before you begin

This article shows you how to access the bulk upload feature for creating new Google Ads accounts in your manager account. For more details about the bulk upload feature in Google Ads, including how to download, edit, and upload a spreadsheet, read Make changes with bulk uploads.

The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. If you’re still using the previous AdWords experience, choose Previous below. Learn more

  1. Sign in to your manager account at
  2. Click the Accounts tab.
  3. Click the Performance sub-tab.
  4. Click + Account, then Upload accounts.
  5. Click Choose file….
  6. In the window that appears, select the spreadsheet you want to upload.
  7. Click Upload and preview.
  8. To view more details about any proposed changes or errors, click Preview changes. Otherwise, click Apply changes.
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