Keyword insertion

An advanced Google Ads feature that dynamically updates your ad text to include one of your keywords that matches a customer's search terms.

  • To use this feature in your ads, you insert a special piece of code into your ad text. Let's say that you're running a campaign to advertise your sweet shop, and you have an ad group that promotes your chocolate sweet products. The snippet of code that you'll insert in your Display URL might look like the this: {KeyWord:Chocolate}. Doing this means that when a keyword can't be inserted in your ad, we'll insert Chocolate instead.
  • Then, when a customer uses one of your keywords in their search, Google Ads automatically replaces the code with the keyword that triggered your ad.
  • This feature allows you to have one ad that appears differently to customers depending on their search terms, making your ads appear more relevant and useful.
  • Keyword insertion is an advanced Google Ads feature, so make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

How to use keyword insertion
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