About Local Services data

All phone calls, emails, and text-based communications delivered through Google may be monitored or recorded to detect spam or fraudulent behavior and to improve quality and support policies and research, subject to Google’s privacy policy. In the US, this includes new or follow-up calls, text, or email-based communications that are forwarded through Google’s systems.

How your information is used

Google reviews emails, texts, or call recordings routed through Google’s system on a limited basis for the following purposes:
  • To resolve billing disputes
  • To enforce policies that protect consumers and providers against misrepresentation or poor conduct (examples)
  • To detect spam/fraudulent behavior
  • To resolve Google Guarantee disputes
  • To collect customer feedback (US only)
  • Product improvement
  • To monitor overall customer and provider experience on the platform

For more information about how Google collects and uses data, see Google’s privacy policy.

Data Retention

Call recordings are retained up to two years before they are destroyed. Recordings in legal verticals are retained for two months.

Your responsibility for customer data

While interacting with customers on the Local Services platform, you may choose to independently record calls and collect customer information such as their phone number or email address under your company’s privacy policies.

Google is not responsible for any data stored outside of Google, and can't guarantee its deletion. You are responsible for developing appropriate measures to delete customer data from your systems.
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