Local Services reviews

Why reviews matter

Your star rating and number of reviews affect how your business is ranked within the Local Services unit. Providers with higher star ratings and more reviews stand out and typically book more jobs through Local Services ads.

How can I get reviews?

Customers are more likely to leave a review if the request comes from you directly. There are several ways you can encourage customers to leave reviews: sharing your personalised Google review link, marking leads as booked, or directly asking for reviews in the “Reviews” section of the Local Services app or lead inbox on desktop.

1. Use your Google link to ask for a review

You’ll receive a personalized Google review link when you sign up for Local Services. Share your link with customers directly to ask for a review. Contact us if you can’t find your review link.

You may also request printed cards that include your link, which you can hand out to customers. To requested printed cards, contact us.

2. Mark leads as booked and add customer emails to phone leads

Google will automatically send a review request by email when you mark a message lead as booked. You’ll be asked to provide your customer’s email address for phone leads.


3. Use the “Ask for Review” feature

You can directly ask for a review in the "Reviews" section in the app or your lead inbox on desktop. Next to each job, select Ask for review. Confirm any customer information and select Submit. In the app, you must mark a lead as booked before you can ask for a review.

Where to see reviews

Your reviews will appear in your profile. You can also view completed reviews in the “Reviews” section in the app or lead inbox on desktop.

Note: Reviews should show up on your Local Services ad in about 2 working days. All reviews need to pass our approval process before they’re posted. Occasionally, this process takes longer than 2 working days.

Types of reviews

Google verified reviews

Reviews for providers found and hired through Local Services include a "Google verified" label. This means that the customer who wrote the review booked the job through Google. There are times when a review for a job booked through Google cannot be verified. If you see a review that should be verified, contact the support team.

Local Services providers can also have reviews for other jobs (for example, when a customer is referred by a neighbour). Reviews like these don’t have a “Google verified” label.

Anonymous reviews

Google gives reviewers the option to protect their identity and post a review without their name or profile photo. Anonymous reviews contain the date that the service was performed (week or month), the type of service provided and the city where the service was performed, if available.

Google My Business reviews

Your reviews on Google My Business will also show up on your Local Services ad.

Reviews aren't deleted when you leave the program

Reviews collected through Local Services including Google verified reviews – which today only appear in the Local Services unit – won’t be deleted when a provider leaves the Local Services program.

Local Services reviews will be combined with other reviews across Google in the coming months. Learn more about Google verified reviews

Review policies

Your business must have at least one review before your ad can go live on Google Search. Contact us if you believe that a review is fake or has otherwise been tampered with. Learn more about Local Services policies
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