Create new Google Ads accounts from your manager accounts

You can create a new Google Ads account right from your manager account without an additional email address or password. This option is available only when you're using Google Ads. You won't be able to create an account using Google Ads Editor.

This article shows you how to create new accounts from your manager account. You can also learn more about linking existing accounts.

How it works

This Google Ads account will have no users on it, and there'll be no way for a user to directly access the account unless you invite them as users to the account. After you create the account, you won't be able to unlink this account from your manager account without first inviting at least one user to that account with administrative access. 

Creating this account doesn’t give your manager account more control over the day-to-day management of the account. However, it will mean that the manager account is automatically an administrative owner of the account. This means that the manager account will be able to invite users to the account, accept user invitations, terminate another manager, accept an invite for another manager or reject another manager.

Bear in mind, as with regular individual accounts, accounts you create from your manager account will be cancelled if they’ve been inactive for over 15 months

Notification settings 

Critical account alerts for accounts created by manager accounts are sent to the email address associated with the manager account. However, the manager account won’t receive other notifications for the managed account by default. Notification settings can be changed as necessary.

TIP: You can always create multiple Google Ads accounts at the same time using bulk upload.

How to create an account from your manager account

The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. If you’re still using the previous AdWords experience, choose Previous below. Learn more

  1. Sign in to your manager account at
  2. Click on the Accounts tab.
  3. Click on the Performance sub-tab.
  4. Click on + Account.
  5. Select the type of account that you want to create: AdWords or AdWords Express.
  6. Give the new account a name (this is the name that you and your managed accounts will see).
  7. Select a time zone country and time zone from the drop-down menus. These settings can’t be changed later, so choose carefully.
  8. Select a permanent currency for this account. Review the available payment options for local currencies before you decide. Not all currencies are available in all areas.
  9. Click on one or both of the tick boxes if you want this manager account to receive 'personalised ideas and special offers' or 'AdWords newsletters with best practices and offers' related to the new AdWords account.
  10. Click on Invite a user to this account (optional) if you want to allow another user access to this AdWords account. Otherwise, you can choose to create the account with no user. To invite another user, enter their email address and select the level of access that you want to grant them: 'Administrative access', 'Standard access' or 'Read-only access'.  Learn more about access levels in manager accounts.
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