Manage campaigns in the new Google Ads experience: Google Best Practices

Google's official checklist for working efficiently in the new Google Ads.

Google Ads should make it easy to achieve your business goals. The data you care about should be available at your fingertips. And the tools you use to get things done should be simple yet powerful. The new Google Ads experience has been designed to check all of these boxes. This guide helps you get the most out of the new experience. 


This article only applies to the new Google Ads experience. Determine which Google Ads experience you’re using.


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1. Manage your campaigns the same way you always have

  • Manage your campaigns the same way you always have.

Why: Your campaigns will continue to run the same way you’re used to. You’ll have access to all the stuff you need, only in an intuitive experience.

  • Use predefined reports that were previously found on the Dimensions tab.

Why: Predefined reports, found under the reporting icon on the top right side of each page, make it easier for you to find the insights you look for most often.

  • Keep using the API and Editor as you always have.

Why: This re-design only affects the Google Ads web experience. The other places you work with Google Ads will be unchanged.

2. Take advantage of features exclusive to the new experience

Why: You can engage users earlier in the purchase journey when they’re discovering what to buy and where to buy it.

  • Evaluate your ad text and extensions holistically.

Why: You can see your extensions as you create ads to ensure that your messaging makes sense as a complete unit.

  • Manage all of your audiences in one place.

Why: You can improve your campaigns by managing your audiences with a new unified workflow in the new audience manager.

Why: You can increase how many calls you receive without the risk of paying too much for a standard click.

3. Get more done in less time

  • Create better campaigns, faster.

Why: Campaign setup is driven by your goals. The best features will be suggested for you.

  • Keep better track of your bid adjustments.

Why: You can make decisions more quickly by viewing performance at the current level or at all levels together.

  • Manage your extensions seamlessly.

Why: The easier it is to report on your extensions, the quicker you can uncover opportunities for making those extensions better.

  • Navigate quickly by hitting G, then T.

Why: Searching in the interface saves you clicks and takes you right where you want to go.


Use keyboard shortcuts by hitting ? anywhere in the interface. Learn how to navigate to specific parts of your account with two keystrokes.

4. Find the right insights

Why: Our new experience helps you understand what matters in a snap.

  • Edit the metrics and time frame covered by your cards.

Why: You can customize the data you see in the Overview page to surface the insights you care about.

  • Add your most important reports to Dashboards.

Why: You can group the most impactful information in one place and make it easy to share.

  • Troubleshoot more efficiently with the redesigned change history.

Why: Viewing your changes alongside performance data helps you diagnose and fix any issues.

Why: This collection of dynamic suggestions updates regularly to alert you about potential improvements.


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