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2.1.3 Targets to focus on

It’s important to focus on a few key metrics that will help you determine if a mobile site is performing as optimally as possible. The following are the key metrics to look for and their optimal targets:

  • Useable Time: Customers want to see visible content that is “above-the-fold” as soon as possible. Load important content first and make sure that the site is usable in 3 seconds. Webpage test generates the speed index - the time to visual complete above the fold. Our goal is to ensure that the score is below 3000.
  • Total Requests- The total number of resource requests necessary to build the page should be in the range of 80 to 100. If there are more, you should evaluate the possibility of removing or combining specific requests.   
  • Page Weight - All the resources that are necessary to build out a page should not be larger than 1 mb. If you find that the site is larger than this goal, you should consider removing resources or compressing where where possible 

In addition, it's important to set guidelines for key resources necessary to build out a page. The following are not hard limits but used to guide changes that are occurring:  

Main Element Target Request Range
JS <20 (not including pixels)
CSS <5
Images <30
Font 0-3
Total 100
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