Module 1: Mobile sites and why they matter

1.2.2 Impact on conversions and interaction

Slow is always bad, especially in mobile. It hurts performance, in terms of site abandonment, bounce rates, conversation rates and retention. It also slows the Google crawler, which hurts crawl efficiency and leads to fewer pages being indexed. That’s terrible for the site owner and for consumers.

Reducing page load time boosts sales and conversion rates significantly. A research study found that conversions per second improved as load times went down. Here’s another case study in load time that shows that when clients speed up their site, revenue goes up. And when load times deteriorate, revenue goes down.


Correlation between speed and conversion rate:

*Some of the pages that were faster than 2.4 seconds experienced a lower conversion rate. While we don’t know for sure, the most common reason is because a lot of the faster pages are 404/error pages.

Source: SOASTA Case study (September 1st, 2015)

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