Capture mobile shoppers with your Shopping campaigns

Evaluate your mobile Shopping campaign performance

Before diving into further optimizations, take time to assess your current mobile Shopping campaign performance and landscape. You can make better and more strategic optimizations by carefully evaluating your cross-device impact and uncovering opportunities to get ahead. 

Properly assess your Shopping campaign performance on mobile

Use available reports to get valuable raw data for evaluating your mobile Shopping campaign performance and setting achievable targets.

  • Download the Devices report to get a simple overview of your campaign performance by device type.
  • Download a performance report and segment the data by device for a more granular view at the Ad or Product Group level. Read more about using segments in your tables.
  • Make sure to consider cross-device impact in your mobile assessment.
  • Schedule and monitor these reports regularly to make sure you're on track to reach your campaign goals.

Uncover opportunities to be competitive in the auction

A good way to find optimization opportunities is identifying gaps in benchmark metrics. If there is a large difference between your metrics and benchmarks, then look to optimize your bids, budgets and product data quality.

  • Pay attention to absolute top impression share (ATIS) and click share for mobile as a way to understand where you’re ranking. A higher ATIS shows that you’re getting a larger number of impressions in the top position of search results, while more clicks drive higher click share. When both metrics increase, this indicates that your visibility on mobile devices is strong. A variety of reasons may lower click share, including low bids and/or poor product data quality. Add the click share column to your performance reports and segment by Devices to analyze your mobile click share and make adjustments accordingly to drive more mobile clicks. Read more about click share.
  • Use Auction Insights to understand how your mobile Shopping ads are performing compared to other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions as you are. You can download a report and segment by Devices to get a better picture of how your product groups are performing in the mobile landscape. Learn more about Auction Insights.

Evaluate the complete path to purchase

Simply looking at the number of conversions by device type may not provide a clear picture of your customers’ entire shopping journey. Today, shoppers are constantly connected across multiple devices. It’s important to consider every touchpoint as an influential step in your shopper’s final decision to make the purchase.

  • Download a Cross-Device Activity report and evaluate cross-device impact on your mobile Shopping campaign performance.

Let’s say you find that many customers convert on desktop. However, you also notice that customers first interact with your Shopping ads on mobile. This observation shows that shoppers may prefer to search for your products on mobile while they’re on-the-go, but choose to convert later on desktop.

To capture this opportunity, you may increase mobile bid adjustment modifiers to stay competitive when your mobile customers are searching for your products. In addition, you may also investigate why shoppers don’t convert on mobile when they first interact with your products. So, you may decide to improve your mobile checkout process to capitalize on mobile traffic. Find out more about cross-device attribution reports.

Understand your mobile shoppers’ behavior

Ever wonder how long users stay on your website while browsing from their mobile device? Do they navigate to other pages of your website or immediately bounce? These type of insights are available for your product landing pages on Google Analytics.

  • Link your Google Ads account with Analytics. Find out more about linking your accounts.
  • Download an overview of your website traffic under Acquisitions > Google Ads > Shopping Campaigns with the Device category as a secondary dimension. This report will give a mobile Shopping campaign performance summary of sessions, bounce rate, pages per session, conversion rate, and revenue generated. You can group these metrics at the campaign level all the way down to granular product data attributes (e.g. brand, product type, item ID).
  • Use these insights to inform your optimizations and make strategic decisions about your Shopping campaigns. For example, you might see low bounce rates for your product landing page with smartphone screen protectors and recognize that users often continue onto another product page for smartphone cases on your site. You might consider increasing product bids for your smartphone screen protectors since there’s a higher likelihood of cross-selling smartphone cases with a higher revenue value. Learn more about analyzing Shopping campaign performance from Google Analytics.


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