Use keyboard shortcuts

This article only applies to the new Google Ads experience. Determine which Google Ads experience you’re using.

By pressing a key or combination of keys, you can quickly do things that would normally require multiple clicks. These shortcuts can save you time when adjusting settings or checking your reports.

Before you begin

Google Ads has a few kinds of keyboard shortcuts. Here's how to use them:

  • Key 1 + Key 2. Hold down the first key while pressing the last key of the shortcut. For example, to use the shortcut Shift + N (create a new item) you would hold down Shift, press N, and then release both keys.
  • Key 1 then Key 2. Press the first key, release, and then press the second key. For example, to use the shortcut G then T (search for a page), press G, release, and then press T.
  • Key. Just press the key. For example, to use the shortcut ? (show or hide the shortcuts list), just press ? at any time.

General actions

Use these shortcuts to speed up common actions.

Keyboard shortcut What it does
? Show or hide the shortcuts list
G then T Search for a page
Shift + N Create a new item. This works anywhere you see a plus button
Shift + W Show or hide the navigation panel on the far-left side
Ctrl ⌘ + C Copy
Ctrl ⌘ + V Paste

Navigate Google Ads

Use these shortcuts to quickly move between areas of Google Ads.

Keyboard shortcut What it does
G then O Go to the Overview page
G then Y Go to the Opportunities page
G then C Go to the Campaigns page
Shift + A Go to the All campaigns view, after you've clicked into a campaign
G then J Go to the Ad groups page
G then A Go to the Ads page
G then X Go to the Extensions page
G then K Go to the Keywords page
G then S Go to the Settings page

Manager accounts

Use these shortcuts to navigate if you have a manager account.

Keyboard shortcut What it does
G then U Go to the Managed accounts page
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