About message extensions

Message extensions allow people to see your ad, click an icon, and contact you directly by text message. With one tap on your ad, people can contact you to book an appointment, get a quote, ask for information, or request a service. Message extensions can help you grow your business by giving people another option to reach you.

Google Ads may set up automated message extensions when you set up a call extension using a mobile phone number or when your website indicates that your business goals include getting people to message you. This will allow people to directly message your business. Learn more About automated extensions.

This article gives an overview of message extensions. For instructions, go to Use message extensions.

Before you begin

Message extensions are designed to be shown only to people on phones capable of sending and receiving text messages, and they require your business to have a phone number that is able to receive, process, and send text messages.

How message extensions work

When someone taps the message icon in your ad from their mobile device, their messaging app will open with a pre-populated message that you create.

Nick owns a car dealership, and is running a campaign that tells potential customers about a sale on SUVs. He wants message extensions to quickly communicate with his customers about his inventory. When people tap “Text,” a pre-populated message that Nick chooses shows up in their messaging app.
When someone taps your message icon, you’re charged for a click – just as if the person tapped on your ad to go to your website.

Account levels

You can add message extensions at the account, campaign, ad group, or ad level. Message extensions can run on any Search campaign, ad group, or ad. If you create message extensions at different levels (account, campaign, or ad group), the most specific will be used. So when you add message extensions to an ad group, those extensions show instead of your campaign- or account-level message extensions. Likewise, campaign-level extensions override account-level extensions. Keep in mind that message extensions are not yet available on the Display Network.


More exposure with no extra Google Ads cost. Adding message extensions to your ad is easy and free—no cost to you.

Grow your business. Creating message extensions can help you grow your business by making it easy for people to contact you.

Share extension across ad groups or campaigns. Quickly set up your extensions according to your specific needs. One extension can apply across an ad group or entire campaign.

Detailed reporting. Get detailed information about messages exchanged between people and your business, track the performance of your extension, and optimize your ad's performance by turning on message reporting.

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