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According to research we’ve done with Ipsos, people pay three times more attention to ads that are relevant to them. How can you make your ads more relevant?

Use intent signals to connect with high value customers more efficiently

You can tap into intent signals from Search, Maps, Apps, and YouTube to reach the right users at the right time. This creates new ways for businesses to connect with users based on their actual interests (like auto enthusiasts), habits (like big box shoppers), and life events (like getting married)— all in a privacy-safe and verifiable way. Intent signals help you drive better results by going beyond age and gender to reach consumers who are actually interested in their brand message at the right moment. A recent study of hundreds of YouTube campaigns found that, on average, advertisers see 30% consideration lift and 40% higher purchase intent lift relative to campaigns that only use demographic targeting.2

Use Google’s audience solutions to connect with viewers at every stage of their consumer journey--from increasing awareness through purchase.

If you want to raise awareness and drive consideration of your business, try these audience types:

  • Detailed demographics: Reach viewers based on broad, shared traits, such as college students, homeowners, or new parents.
  • Affinity audiences: Reach viewers who already have a strong interest in relevant topics.
  • Custom affinity audiences: Create your own custom audience specifically tailored to your business using intent signals from Maps, Search and Apps, in addition to interests and URLs.
  • Life events: Reach potential customers during life milestones like moving, graduating from college or getting married. Life events often trigger changes in purchase behavior and brand preferences.

If you want to increase purchase intent and drive conversions, try these audience types:

  • In-market audiences: Select from these audiences to find customers who are actively considering buying a service or product like those you offer.
  • Custom intent audience: Built with performance advertisers in mind, custom intent audiences allow you to reach viewers as they’re making a purchase decision based on the keywords they’ve recently searched on Google.com.
  • Video remarketing: Reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos, TrueView ads, or YouTube channel. If you've linked your Google Account to your Google Ads account already, Google Ads will create custom lists for you automatically. Learn more about remarketing lists for YouTube viewers.
  • Customer Match: Let’s say your company wants to re-engage existing customers or leads with your YouTube video ads. You can use Customer Match to reach these valuable customers when they are logged into YouTube. Learn more about Customer Match.

Learn more about audience targeting.


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1 Source: Google/Ipsos, Video Mobile Diary, US, 2017, n of 4,381 (saw ads occasions).
2Source: Google Brand Lift, Global, Smartphone (analysis restricted to smartphone to isolate the impact of targeting), July 2017-June 2018.

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