Important update: TrueView in-display ads are getting a new name

Starting in mid-July 2016, TrueView in-display ads will be called TrueView video discovery ads.  The goal of this renaming is to improve the understanding of the format and its value to advertisers. 

Why we’re making these changes:
The name “video discovery ads” better explains that these ads are built to engage your target audience at key moments of discovery across YouTube and video partner sites. In addition, the refreshed format will offer more relevant targeting on YouTube search results and a cleaner look across the Google Display Network.

What’s changing:
Starting in mid July, you’ll see the new name in the Google Ads interface. It will appear in ad creation, in your reporting tables, and in any downloaded reports that you use.  Here are some examples of how the new term will appear:

  • TrueView in-display ads will become TrueView video discovery ads
  • In-display ads will become Video discovery ads
  • In-display will become Video discovery

What you need to know:
If you use tools that depend on the old name “in-display,” such as downloaded reports, you may want to update your workflows to reflect the new name. For example:

  • When using reports that are segmented by “ViewType,” the new segment will be called “TrueView Video discovery.”
  • In ad group reports, the new ad group type will be called “Video discovery.”

Note: Other tools such as Google Ads Editor will continue to work as they do today, and will be updated over time to reflect the new name.

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