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At the outset of exporting to a new market, you’ll want to survey the landscape. This guide offers best practices for finding international opportunities. 


The world has never been more connected. In the digital age, it’s possible to connect across the globe in an instant. Expanding your business to new countries unlocks new opportunities and challenges for your Google Ads account. This guide offers best practices on exporting your business to new countries online. It’s about how to identify opportunities abroad and capitalize on them in Google Ads.

Going global starts with a single step. At the outset of exporting to a new market, you’ll want to survey the landscape and decide which direction you should head toward first.

Research market opportunities abroad to understand your potential.

Customers abroad are interested in what you’re selling. They’re searching for your products, doing research about what you offer, and looking for the types of things that you have. Interest exists, but important questions remain. How much interest is out there? And where are the most interested people?

Google provides multiple tools that can help you answer these questions:

Insights from your own site and accounts: to understand how you might connect with users based on what you’ve already done

General market trends: to help understand how different markets behave online and how that fits in with what you want to achieve and what you can realistically accomplish

Cultural trends: to help understand what different markets care about and what they respond to

These tools will help you gauge your potential across Search, Display and Video. You can then generate a list of new markets that hold the most promise for you.

Identify general export conditions in any new markets.

Once you’ve identified a list of great new markets that match with what you offer, the next step is identifying which of those opportunities are going to be the most accessible for you. Conditions specific to a given market may make these opportunities more or less actionable. Consider local laws, prevalence of different payment methods, taxes and duties, customs, international shipping, and insurance. You should also evaluate which Google Ads products are available in that country, as well.

Each of these areas will be a key consideration as you expand globally. Depending on the difficulty of each step in this process, some of the opportunities you’ve previously identified might need to be put on hold until you have more resources to overcome any obstacles.


Market Finder can be a valuable tool as you go through the feasibility of the different opportunities that you’re evaluating.


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