About specialised campaign types

Sometimes, you need specialised tools to get the job done. Google Ads has different types of highly-specific campaigns to help you reach your customers.

This article will explain some of the more specialised campaign types that are generally used by more advanced Google Ads users. Find out more about the general ways to advertise with Google Ads.

Call-only campaigns

Search Network campaigns

Clicks on call-only ads initiate a call to your business, so the display URL doesn't send customers to your website landing page. Call-only ads use much of the same information as call extensions and show your business phone number as the ad headline.

Learn more about Call-only ads.

Dynamic Search Ads

Search Network campaigns

Ads use the content of your website – not keywords – to target searches. Dynamic Search Ads look like text ads, but headlines are dynamically generated from the search phrase and your website content, and landing pages are dynamically selected from pages on your website.

Learn more about Dynamic Search Ads.

Mobile app promotion

Search and Display Network campaigns and YouTube

Promote your app and drive app downloads by showing your image, video and text ads across the Search and Display Networks and on YouTube.

Types of mobile app ad:

  • Mobile app installs ads (includes Universal app ads)
  • Mobile app engagement ads

Learn more about mobile app ads.


Display Network campaigns

Text, image or video ads are shown to people who have already visited your website when they browse other sites on the Google Display Network.

Learn more about remarketing campaigns.


Video campaigns

Ads encouraging people to buy products from your linked Google Merchant Centre account.

Learn more about TrueView for shopping campaigns.


Display Network campaigns

Engagement ads are a suite of interactive, rich media ad formats that appear on the Google Display Network.

Examples of engagement ads:

  • Lightbox ads
  • Hover-to-Play ads

Learn more about engagement ads.

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