About auto end screens for video ads

End screen for mobileAuto end screens make video ads interactive by showing an automatically-generated screen at the end of your video with information about your products or services. The screen will appear for a few seconds after your video finishes playing.

End screens can help you achieve your campaign goals by encouraging viewers to take an action, such as installing your mobile app or buying your products. 

Showing an auto end screen at the end of your video ad doesn’t change the way we bill for your ad or count your views. It just provides an additional opportunity for engagement, appearing directly after a viewer finishes watching the full length of your video.


Note: This article is about automatically generated end screens, available for certain video ads in Google Ads. You can also manually add end screens to videos in YouTube. Learn about adding end screens to videos in YouTube

How it works

Auto end screens will appear by default after eligible video ads. They’re automatically generated using information from your campaign. For example, in a mobile app installs campaign, the auto end screen will show details about your app, such as the name, icon and price, along with a link to install the app. 

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