Find and fix duplicate keywords

Any particular keyword only needs to appear once within one of your ad groups. If you have two or more ad groups with the same keyword, the ad with the highest Quality Score will show.

This article explains what to do when a keyword is used by another ad.

Before you begin

If you don’t already have campaigns with keywords, learn how to choose keywords.


Let's say that you sort your keywords by match type and see that your account contains the broad match keywords red car and car red. Then, you review the click-through rate (CTR) for each of these keywords and see that red car has a higher CTR. Since your advertising goal is to get clicks on your ads, you decide to remove car red because it has a lower CTR.


  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Ad groups.
  3. Click an ad group name to see the keywords in that ad group. 
  4. To sort your keywords alphabetically, click the Keyword column header. To sort your keywords by match type, click the Match type column header. 
  5. Review your keywords to see if any of them are duplicates.
  6. If you have a duplicate keyword, pause or remove the one that performs worse.
  7. To remove the duplicate keyword, select the tick box next to the keyword. Then click the Edit drop-down above the table and select Remove.
  8. To pause the keyword, click the status icon drop-down next to the keyword. Then select Pause.
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